Veterinary Surgery in Memphis

The highly trained and experienced doctors at Walnut Grove perform general surgeries and most orthopedic surgeries.

All surgeries are performed Monday - Friday.

The highly trained and experienced doctors at Walnut Grove perform general surgeries such as spays, neuters, declaws, mass removals, exploratories, wound repair, foreign body removal, and caesarean sections. We also perform most orthopedic surgeries such as ACL repair, hip procedures, and skeletal fracture repair.

When anesthesia is necessary, every precaution is taken to reduce the chances of complications. Pre-anesthetic blood work, intravenous catheterization, and fluid therapy during surgery help us ensure the safest possible outcome. Modern anesthetic agents, monitoring equipment, and dedicated assistants who observe your pet during the procedure are also vital to this process. Each patient is carefully monitored during recovery from surgery as well.

We make every effort to ensure that your beloved pet returns home safe and healthy.

What Makes Walnut Grove Animal Clinic Special?

  • Integrity

    We pledge to conduct our business and ourselves with honesty and moral conviction.

  • Excellence
    We simply want to be the best that we can be. We are constantly learning and adapting to provide you and your pets the highest quality care possible.
  • Compassion
    Each of our patients is a member of someone’s family, and we strive to offer a caring touch and understanding in everything we do.
We Look Forward To Seeing You!

Dr. Chuck Halford has owned Walnut Grove Animal Clinic since 1993. He, along with his associate veterinarians and veterinary staff, strive to provide excellent veterinary care for your beloved pet. We are proud to provide a full-service veterinary hospital, as well as state-of-the-art pet boarding and pet grooming facilities. Everything we do is based on our clinic values. Contact Walnut Grove Animal Clinic today for high-quality veterinary care provided by our highly-trained staff.

Our Reviews

  • “Very professional staff. Nice welcoming environment for me and my dog. Price is also reasonable. I would recommend Walnut Grove Animal Clinic to all my friends and family.”

    - Jason B.
  • “Walnut Grove Animal Clinic is our go-to vet. The staff is friendly, helpful and very accommodating. Excellent care for our dog is important to us - we are lucky to have found this exceptional clinic!”

    - Heidi T.
  • “Our pet had an unexpected medical problem and Dr. Slattery was detrimental in helping us find out what was wrong with our pup and how we could him get better. I am so thankful for him. He is straight out of a hallmark movie!”

    - Elyse D.