Keeping Memphis Pets Pain-Free at Midtown’s Walnut Grove Animal Clinic

New drugs and treatments are being developed every day, and we are constantly learning better ways to minimize pain.

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If your pet appears to be in pain, it is very important for you to bring him or her to the clinic. If possible, call us first at 901.323.1177 to schedule an appointment. Pain is a symptom of illness and health issues. The cause of the pain should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Our goal is to minimize your pet’s discomfort whenever possible.

New drugs, treatments, and therapies are constantly being developed, and we are constantly learning better ways to treat illnesses and injuries. Medical progress contributes to a longer and better life for your cherished pets. Our doctors will recommend a treatment plan for your pet after making a diagnosis.

Avoid giving your pet any medications without first consulting with our doctors. Remember, many human drugs are harmful to animals, so please be careful with medications.

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