Internal Medicine for Midtown Memphis Pets at Walnut Grove Animal Clinic

A vet examines a cat at Walnut Grove Animal Clinic in Memphis TN.Our pets can’t tell us when they are sick, but they have ways of disclosing that they are not feeling their usual self. Pet owners often know when their pets experience pain and discomfort. If you think your pet is displaying signs of pain, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for an exam and veterinary diagnostics.

Veterinarians utilize a detailed physical examination, together with X-rays, ultrasound, electrocardiograms, and laboratory tests such as blood work, urinalysis, and cytology, to help diagnose health issues. Walnut Grove is equipped with all the equipment necessary to provide a diagnosis in most cases.

Occasionally, patients may require advanced diagnostics such as a CT scan, MRI, or treatments such as radiation therapy that may not be available at Walnut Grove. In these cases, we are happy to provide a referral to an appropriate facility that can provide these services.

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