Keeping Pets Healthy Is Our Goal at Walnut Grove Animal Clinic in Midtown Memphis TN

There is lots of confusing information on the Internet about pet care. Walnut Grove Animal Clinic is here to help keep your pet well.

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We Keep Your Pet Healthy

Our pet wellness services include:

  • Puppy & Kitten Care

    Our puppy and kitten services emphasize early detection and wellness by providing up to four visits with the doctor.

  • Pet Vaccinations

    We offer individual vaccines as well as vaccine packages ranging from a single rabies vaccine to our Annual Wellness Program for Dogs and Cats.

  • Pet Wellness

    Depending on the age of your pet, we recommend annual or semi-annual visits to our clinic for a check-up.

  • Senior Pet Care

    Animals age at a much faster pace than humans. This means that veterinarians have a very short window of time to intervene when problems arise.

  • Pet Dental Care

    Your veterinarian can help you develop an in-home dental care program and teach you how to best care for your pet.

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    Telephone: 901.323.1177

Midtown’s Walnut Grove Animal Clinic Welcomes New Pets

New clients are always welcome at Walnut Grove Animal Clinic. We accommodate walk-in clients and can usually see your pet very quickly. We make every effort to determine and satisfy you and your pet’s needs.

We try hard to live by our clinic values of Integrity, Excellence, and Compassion. Please come by and meet our friendly veterinary staff.

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